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Looking through the viewerMeet the Snorkel Craft. It is unique, fun and extremely safe in open water. This NEW personal water vehicle is completely Solar-Powered but also has back-up batteries. The twin joy stick controls makes it the most maneuverable and quiet craft on the open water. It’s patented design allows the Snorkel Craft to be used for underwater viewing, fishing, river rafting, pictures, research, treasure hunting or just enjoying the water. Let your imagination run wild! Snorkel Craft is an innovative breakthrough in a two person, all-purpose water craft.

The Snorkel Craft allows all of us to safely have fun in open water, including the physically challengedIt can add a new level of enjoyment, a whole new dimension to upscale resorts, cruise lines or purchased individually for great water fun.

It is a truly environmentally friendly way to enjoy the water and nature!

Please click the link below to read an article about us that was featured on the front page of the Business Section in the Sarasota Herald Tribune!

Snorkel Craft Article

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